About Us


We established Healthcare Application Solutions LLC in 2009 to provide useful, creative solutions and excellent service to our hospital clients. We strive to optimize your operational efficiency and the quality of your data by helping you better manage and utilize your data.


Bob Drake

Bob has worked in the healthcare information technology arena for over 30 years. He has worked for providers, software vendors and consulting firms in a variety of roles spanning application development, systems programming, implementation, and management.

For the past 20 years, Bob has been an independent consultant and developer, specializing in Siemens Invision applications, including Patient Management, Patient Accounting, Medical Records, Orders, Clinical Observations and Results, interfaces and custom programming. He has detailed knowledge of the Invision data structures and extensive programming experience with the proprietary data access tools used to extract data from the Invision databases. He also has expertise in the Siemens Decision Support System (Data Warehouse).

In addition to understanding the Invision applications and databases, Bob has the technical skills to extract virtually any type of demographic, financial or clinical data from Invision, transform it, load it into a relational database, and develop browser-based applications to access the data.